Monday, May 24, 2010

Pineapple, 1952

Sunset magazine, December 1952.

"Nature's most refreshing flavor happens to a meat dish... when you bring on Pineapple

You can't miss on pleasin' when Pineapple comes to the table! In meat dishes, salads, bakings... as breakfast fruit or dinner dessert... Pineapple gives your meal a lift with Nature's most refreshing flavor. Canned 5 ways, as golden juice and varied fruit cuts, to be the good companion of America's good-eating. So many families like Pineapple so much that it is kept on hand in more home pantries than any other fruit. You get quick food energy, protective vitamins and minerals too, in this tropic fruit. Pineapple's now plentiful at welcome low cost. Better stock up!"

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